Chayala Levy

Chayala’s Story

The mikva will be lovingly dedicated in the name  of  Chaya Moussia,
“Chayala” Levy. One of 12 children, Chaya’la was born to Rabbi Moshe and Rechil Levy of London, England.

Her personality was an incredibly lively one and she was a very positive person. Chaya’le never complained, she took her life’s challenges as G-d’s unique plan. Her challenges never scared her and she found beauty in every moment. Her  moral compass was amazing.  She was very kind hearted and compassionate. She  always brought a sense of fun and joy to life and made  light  her difficult circumstances. Uplifting  her friends and family in the process.

Tragically, she  passed away in the year 1999 at the young age of seventeen. She is sorely missed. Since she was unable to fulfil the mitzvah of Taharas Hamishpacha, it’s our honor  is to build a mikva so other women can enjoy this mitzvah in a beautiful way.


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